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For sellers who value time and ease, our system offers a fast, hassle-free transaction solution. Plus, a licensed agent will always be at your side, pacing with your unique needs, ensuring a smooth journey.


Our team will market to a network of trusted and private buyers who are seeking properties like yours in the greater Philadelphia area. We will not advertise your property publicly without permission.


With a decade's experience in Philadelphia real estate, we thrive on aiding residents to make smart property decisions. Our deep-rooted knowledge ensures sound, professional guidance throughout.


We prioritize discretion in selling your house, we avoid for-sale signs and intrusive open houses. Our efficient process and reliable cash offers minimize disruptions, valuing your time and privacy above all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a low-ball offer?

No. It is not a full-retail price either. This is a cash offer based on limited information. Our process is designed to get you a great price, while also ensuring a speedy and hassle-free close.

If a speedy close is not your goal, and you’re looking to maximize the sale price over an extended time period, you can list your home with our partner. They can guide you through the typical home sale process.

Who sells With

Individuals from various backgrounds and professions choose to sell to us. Despite their differences, they all share a singular goal: to swiftly sell a house to a dependable home buyer capable of making a cash offer and closing at their convenience.

Here are just some of the reasons people sell to us: Need to sell an inherited property quickly, want to unload a rental property with problem renters, relocating or job transfer, going through a divorce, falling behind on mortgage payments and facing possible foreclosure, not wanting to deal with structural or repair issues, valuing privacy and confidentiality, or simply moving without the hassle of repairs, painting, or cleaning.

Do you get commission? is compensated for assisting sellers and buyers with real estate transactions.

The beauty of our process is that the buyer pays commissions and closing costs!

The number we offer you will be (or very close) to what cash you put in your pocket at closing. If you decide to sell the traditional way, with a licensee, it is the seller that pays commissions and part of the closing costs. So while our Instant Offer might seem low initially, the benefits of selling for cash and using are seen at the closing table, when you don’t have to pay realtors or closing costs.

How long will the entire process take?

The Instant Offer is instant! Home details can be validated in 24-48 hours once the field agent comes to your home in-person. However, additional work must take place before the sale is finalized, the title will need to be cleared, for example contractor lien checks, unpaid taxes, etc. The title clearing process typically takes 21 days or 3 weeks.

You sent two contracts, which is better?

The first is a Pennsylvania Association of Realtors-approved contract, the second is a simplified contract created by our team. Some sellers prefer the 17-page official document, while others prefer something they can understand, the choice is yours but they are both designed to do the same thing.

What should I fix before selling my house?

Nothing. is prepared to give an offer on the existing condition. We want this to be as easy as possible for you.

What if I want to make repairs and sell for top dollar?

Our team wants to help you. We can make an as-is offer and additionally help you come up with a renovation plan to prepare your house for sale on the traditional market. Our team does both! All of our field agents are licensed real estate professionals and can you help sell for top dollar.

How do I avoid my home being flipped and resold?

At we connect properties with all types of cash buyers. Many will fix them and rent them out, some will flip them, others will make them their forever home. Talk to your field agent about your specific concerns and we will do our absolute best to respect your property.

Buying and selling of homes is regulated and we cannot discriminate who we sell or market to, so there is no guarantee that your home is not flipped.

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About Philly.IO

In order to solve the issue of long timelines and back and forth associated with the home selling process, Local Philadelphian Matthew Novatnack set out to create a streamlined process for Greater Philadelphia homeowners that wish to sell their house quickly and easily.

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Matt of Nice Guy Realty has over 10 years of experience in the Philadelphia housing market, and has helped countless Philadelphians make smart decisions when buying and selling real estate. Matt’s motto is Nice Homes for Nice People. Period. After a quick chat with him you will find this to be true!

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